Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 1 Part 3

After visiting SCV, we drove to tHE Spring for late lunch

The best fish burger among all the fastfood chains

Checking in at this budget or backpackers' lodge. The owner Sean and the rest of the workers there were extra-friendly.

Off we went to the famous Kuching Waterfront.

Tambang, Astana and the infamous oldest reptile to survive since dinosaurs' period the Bujang Senangs of Serawak.

Taman Kereta Food Court aka Topspot Food Court

Fish & Jelly Fish Umai aka Melanau Sushi

Ayam Pansoh (Bamboo Chicken), an iban's delicacy.

Kuching's Orh Chien aka Chinese Pizza

Big ass fresh water prawns

The most unique vegetable from Sarawak.

All in all, we ordered:
1. Ayam Pansoh
2. Umai (Mixed)
3. Oyster (Orh Chien)
4. Prawns (Big head prawns aka udang galah baked with cheese)
5. Crabs (Chili and egg)
6. Fish (Mango Fish)
7. Bamboo clams (With curry)
8. Midin (With Belacan)
9. Cangkuk Manis (Mani Chai with Egg)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Sarawak Escapade II Day Part 2

upon reaching KIA, they were whisked to Golden Arch @ 3rd Mile for the ultra-famous Sarawak Laksa.

Apart from big ass prawn laksa, we also ordered kolo mee and popiah.

After the heavy breakfast, we drove to Sarawak Cultural Village @ Damai.

This living museum will showcase to all the visitors, the summary of the various ethnic groups living in Malaysia.

The introductory dance by the Ibans & Bidayuh.
Ibans comprise 40% of Sarawakians, Chinese 30%, Malay 20%, the rest 10%.

Melanaus live at the costal central region of Sarawak from Kuala Rajang, Belawai to Matu Daro to Mukah.

The Orang Ulu consists of many minor tribes such as the lung bawangs, kayan, kenyah, bisaya & etc. Dato Idris Jala is one.

The nomads of Sarawak. The state government is trying very hard to encourage to settle down near the Pan Borneo Highway in order to provide basic infrastructures, schools for education, primary health clinics and many more. However, 5% of them still stay in the deep jungles of forest protecting their so-called homeland from the aggressive oil palm companies and lumberjacks. The western people, however would like to preserve purportedly their culture by advising them to stay deep in the jungle and to turn it into a human zoo denying them education, proper health care and registration of new births.

Melanau traditional house is built tall to avoid floods and to prevent easy access by headhunters

SCV, the place where the famous annual Rainforest World Music Festival is held. See you there this July 2010!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sarawak Escapade II Day 1 Part 1

Camera was accidentally set to Manual Mode unknowingly.

Day 1 Part 1

Flying straight from Kuala Terengganu to Kuala Lumpur after class, reaching at 10pm. Boarded the RM1 shuttle to the nearby LCCT Tune Hotel. Had a great shower and nap but needed to wake up at 5am the next day to catch the earliest flight to Kuching at 7am.

Going to bring 5 friends (4 Peninsularians and 1 Bintuluan) to visit Sarawak, not all parts of Sarawak of course.

Embarking our 8-day trip, during the flight, I ordered Krispy Kreme Donuts at RM7 for 2. It was my first time having them 30 000 feet above the ground.

Reaching the Land of the Hornbills. Compulsory to snap a touch down photo, tour guide included. =)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sweet halos from America.

KL is going to be another donut city like Jakarta. It has 4 famous doughnut chains namely Dunkin' Donuts, Donut Empire, J. CO Donuts & finally Krispy Kreme!

Let me begin with Dunkin' donuts. It derived its name from the way the rednecks eat donuts where they will dunk/dip their donuts into hot coffee before crushing them between their molars. Dunkin' donuts is the largest donut chain in the world but in Malaysia, they are not favoured as their donuts were not made fresh unlike J. CO where they will serve you straight-from-oven halos.

Donut Empire only requires a bit of description here as it has only 2 stores around Malaysia and it is from the kiasu land. I have yet to try it. p/s: there is one in Sungei Wang Plaza.

As for J. Co which created a brouhaha few years back with its first store in Pavilion. The queues are still long and the quality is still superb. For your knowledge, this J. CO brand is from our neighbour, Indonesia.

Lastly on Krispy Kreme, it is said to be the almighty king of all donuts, another brainchild of the americans that had landed in KL in mid 2009 by opening 2 outlets, one in Berjaya Times Sq. & another in Midvalley. Americanization is ubiquitous and subsequently the mortality rates due to ischemic heart disease and diabetes mellitus are rising exponentially in Asia.

By the way, feel free to check out the donuts, flown all the way from KL to KT.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pantu & Sungai Tenggang, Sri Aman

Pantu is located half-way in between Betong & Kuching, 5km off the Kuching-Sarikei Highway (part of Pan Borneo Highway).

Drive in & explore! Our forefathers were pioneers before!

Railroad still exists in Sarawak! but for logs and coal (there are Chinese engineers and workers here), this area is near Silantek (remember your geography)

A serene town indeed.

With old shophouses not seen in sarikei, sibu, bintulu, miri & kuching anymore. Clean and tidy too.

Check out the old carlsberg advert.

Whereever there are Chinese, definitely they will build schools.

Jang Hing kopitiam is a must-visit place. Ppl normally ignore Sg Tenggang, stopping by Lachau (not lan...) as it is bigger and more happening but the serenity of sg. tenggang provides the much needed peace of mind after driving for hours along the adventurous highway. Sg. Tenggang is also just 1-2km away from Indonesian Kalimantan Border. Google earth it!

Sg. tenggang has one of the world's best kept secret, their braised duck kolo mee is one craves for. Caveat: belum cuba belum tau, sudah cuba, kali-kali mau.

The towns or rest stops along the Pan Borneo Highway are always known as Cowboy towns.

Well, it's true, they live a tough life there, far away from proper healthcare, cut off from entertainment & many more serving the rural people of Sarawak.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1

Daddy, savour your favourite classical! =)